Pollution Prevention Tips

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Wash your vehicle on an unpaved surface
  • Check your machinery for leaks
  • Recycle used motor oil
  • Clean up spilled fluids with absorbent material (i.e. Sand) & dispose of in the trash

Lawn & Gardens

  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly (or not at all)
  • Don’t fertilize when rain is in the forecast
  • Sweep up yard debris and compost
  • Cover piles of dirt and mulch
  • Vegetate bare spots in your yard

Landscape Design

  • Utilize porous materials, paving stones, bricks etc., instead of asphalt for walkways
  • Store fertilizer, pesticides in a shed

Septic Systems

  • Pump your septic tank regularly (every 1-3 years)
  • Do not flush household chemical down your drain

Swimming Pools

  • Store pool chemicals in covered area
  • Use care to prevent leaks and spills of chemicals
  • Remove illegal discharge pipes from storm water drains

Home Repair

  • Sweep up and properly dispose of construction debris such as concrete and mortar
  • Use hazardous materials properly
  • Send dirty cleaning water down a sink or toilet- not in a storm drain

Pet Care

  • Clean up after pet by bagging or flushing
  • Dispose of kitty litter in the trash