Wayfaring Signage Workshop!


Saturday June 9th, 2018 at 10:00 AM to Noon

Selectmen's Meeting Room in Town Hall

The Westminster Economic Development Committee (EDC) is about to embark on a wayfaring signage program for the Town. The purpose of wayfaring signage is help visitors and new residents find their way to our municipal buildings, iconic land marks and other points of interest.

The EDC would like your help in designing the Town's wayfaring signage program, including helping us answer such questions as:

What should we advertise as part of our wayfaring signage program?
Where should the signs be located?
What should the signs look like?

The EDC would also like your input on designing a community bulletin board to be located at the intersection of South Street, Leominster Street and Academy Hill Road in the Village Center. All this and more will be discussed at the June 9th Workshop - Please join us!

Thank you –
Westminster Economic Development Committee