Rules and Regulations

Welcome back to the Westminster Parks and Recreation Summer Program!! We hope this summer will be exciting for you. In order to keep all participants safe and happy, we have established the following rules:

  1. The program dates are July 6th through August 14th, Monday thru Friday.
  2. Grades K-5 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Grades (going into) 6,7,& 8th graders will be in different groups and will not be with K-5.
  3. The TWEEN Program: This program will include those children who just finished the 5th, 6th 7th & 8th grades. The hours for this program are 9am- 12:00 PM. If it rains, it will be cancelled. The Tweens will meet outside the Meeting house school.
  4. Campers must be with a counselor at all times. Each child will be put with a group for that day. They must stay with the counselor that has been assigned to the group. The children will either be in the gym, the athletic fields, the playground or the Basketball Court.
  5. If a child needs to go to the bathroom they must be accompanied by a counselor.
  6. If your child will be playing basketball, they are not TO CROSS THE STREET WITHOUT A COUNSELOR!
  7. Sunscreen will need to be applied prior to coming to camp. The Counselors will not be responsible for putting sunscreen on your child.
  8. Please provide plenty of Water/Gatorade/Juice and a snack for your child. Some days it will be very hot outside and they will need to stay hydrated.
  9. We have again provided many Arts and Crafts & Sports Activities for your children.
  10. It is not a requirement that your child go outside. Someone is always in the gym to keep them busy.
  11. No cell phones!!!!!!
  12. No bullying, No name calling, No fighting*.
    1. First offense – the camper will be warned by the staff (* 1 wk suspension)
    2. Second offense – will result in a one day suspension from the camp (*Expulsion)
    3. Third offense – will result in expulsion from the program
  13. If an emergency arises and you need to get in touch with a Counselor, please call the Police station at 874-2933.

Please review these rules and regulations with your child. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this wonderful program. Safety comes first.