Conservation Commission


The primary responsibility of the Westminster Conservation Commission is to administer and enforce the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and Westminster's local wetlands bylaw which intend to protect the quality & quantity of surface & ground water, prevent flooding and storm damage and protect wetlands-dependent wildlife and their habitat. Any alteration of the ground (by digging, stumping or filling) within 100 feet of a wetland, stream or body of water requires that the Conservation Commission be notified about the proposed work. The Commission and/or its Agent will determine if the work falls under the jurisdiction of our administrative and enforcement authority. To ensure that measures are taken to prevent erosion or damage to resource areas, applicants may be required to file with us as part of our town's building permit process.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bob N. Maki Conservation Agent (978) 874-7413

Board Members

Name Title
Dan Bartkus Chair
Gary Smith, Jr. Vice-Chair
Susan Kalagher Administrative Assistant
Robert Gendron Commissioner
Carrie Monty Commissioner
Tim Sheehan Commissioner