Public Safety Building Committee

Click here to view/download the 2019 Public Safety Building Feasibility Study

Public Safety Building Committee Charge:

  • Identify potential sites
  • Site study (survey, geotech, etc.)
  • Scope to include siting potential new facility with turning radii for apparatus
  • Scope to include determination of Finish Floor Elevation (FFE) for proposed structure
  • Scope to include schematic site plan and identify permitting constraints

The town originally approved funding of $25,000 for the first phase which has been completed. The town also received state grant funding in the amount of $50,000 to support the above endeavors. To date, there is a balance of approximately $40,000 remaining to continue our study.

Board Members

Name Title
David Turcotte, Citizen at Large Chairman
Michael McDonald, Police Chief Member
Kyle Butterfield, Fire Chief Member
David Monty, Fire Lieutenant Member
Mark Hawke, Town Administrator Member
Kerry Koskinen, Energy Advisory Committee Member
Paul Blanchard, Building Commissioner Member
Christopher Mossman, Citizen at Large Member
Von Salmi, Citizen at Large Member