Doing Business in Westminster

Over the past six years, the Town of Westminster has done quite a bit of advance work to welcome new economic development. The Town's Master Plan was updated in 2014 and contains a very detailed economic development strategy in its Economic Development Chapter. The Town revised and updated its Zoning Bylaw in 2016 as it relates to commercial and industrial development. The Town established an Economic Development Committee (EDC) in 2012. The EDC published a visitor guide/map in 2013 that has been widely distributed throughout the state. The Town held its first ever Cracker Festival (the old Westminster Cracker Factory being an iconic building in our village center) in October 2015 and the third iteration of this festival is planned for October 2017. With our ten-year sewer moratorium about to be lifted, Westminster stands ready to welcome new economic development. We are "open for business".

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