PFAS in Westminster

Please be advised that in the area around 65 Bean Porridge Hill Road (MassNatural Fertilizer), toward South Ashburnham Road and surrounding neighborhoods, drinking water wells have tested above 20 PPT, the limit for PFAS6 contamination, as set by MADEP.


WEEKLY IRA REPORT (To see the latest report, scroll to bottom of page):

If you live in the area of Bean Porridge Hill Road, down to South Ashburnham Road and surrounding neighborhoods and have questions about your well water, please contact Larry Lessard at and/or or 978-338-5541 x102.  Larry is the point of contact for all site-related questions (bottled water, sampling, results, etc).  The current water sampling is determined by the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) based on nearby known detections.  

To contact MassDEP about PFAS, please contact:
Mark E. Baldi, Deputy Regional Director (email)
Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup
MassDEP, Central Region
(508) 767-2803

MassDEP Information regarding the contamination site can be accessed here!/wastesite/2-0021866 using the Release Tracking Number of 2-0021866
Link to DropBox document repository maintained by Lessard Environmental here

For more information about or to become a part of the Neighborhood Residents Group related to this situation, please contact Deborah Hooper at (978) 502-8975 or


Please see the following link for information on PFAS and some other helpful links:


Sue Bator is a licensed site professional working for the residents in Westminster affected by the PFAS Contamination on Bean Porridge Hill Rd. She has presented for teh residents on the Town of Westminster Well moratorium and updates on the MNF proposed remediation plan. Please find the links for these past few meetings below.

For a past presentation hosted by Sue Bator on November 20, 2023, please visit this link:

For a past presentation hosted by Sue Bator on October 2, 2023, please visit this link: