Hager Park Commission

Hager Park is located off of Route 140 (known locally as Hager Park Road) just south of the intersection with Route 2A and the Route 2 East on-ramp. The park consists of approximately 57 acres on the east side of the road, which abuts Woodside Cemetery and surrounds the Water Treatment facility. There are another 18 ± acres located on the west side of Route 140. These parcels of land were part of a larger tract originally given to the town by Joseph Hager in the early 1900’s. The Commission oversees the Wachusett Rambler Recreation Area, a nine acre parcel which abuts the main part of Hager Park. The Rambler Area became part of Hager Park at the annual town meeting in 2008.

The Commission also administers the Smith Reservoir properties, which are located further to the south and on either side Route 140. These lots, which include about 70 acres, were deeded to the town by the City of Fitchburg in the 1990’s. 

The Commission has developed a network of hiking and riding trails within the Hager Park and Rambler parcels and we hope to establish trails in the Smith Reservoir area in the future. The trails are open to the public and we are happy to see them used. Trail maps can be downloaded here and are available at the Town Hall. The trails are marked with white metal signs.

The Commission holds regular meetings in Room 128 at the Town Hall at 6:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each odd-numbered month. The public is welcome to attend.
To contact the Hager Park Commission:  hagerpark@westminster-ma.gov  

Duties & Responsibilities

The Hager Park Commission manages town-owned acreage located on east and west sides of Hager Park Road (Route 140) just south of the Route 2 interchange. The park is used for passive recreation and includes a well-maintained network of trails.

Board Members

Name Title
Alan Wiktorski Member
Christopher Mossman Member