Crocker Pond Recreation Area Committee

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Crocker Pond is open from Memorial Day weekend until Columbus Day weekend. To obtain a Crocker Pond permit sticker, you must be a resident of the Town of Westminster with a verifiable address per the Westminster Town Census, and you must present a valid license and vehicle registration for each vehicle indicating Westminster address. Any special circumstances may be addressed to the Crocker Pond Recreation Area Committee.

Westminster Residents! Crocker Pond stickers will now be given out at the pond every day that it is open between 10am-2pm. Please make sure to have your vehicle registration with you. Proof of residency will be checked.

Reminder of the guest policy: each resident vehicle may bring in one guest vehicle. The resident is responsible for informing their guests of the Crocker Pond rules. If the resident vehicle leaves the pond, the guest vehicle must also leave.

Residents Only - Permit Required


To create a wholesome, environmentally safe recreation area for all residents of Westminster and help foster a stronger sense of community.

Board Members

Name Title
Heather Billings Chair (6/30/2018)
Kathleen Brennan Vice-Chair (6/30/2018)
Mary Ann Falconer Member (6/30/2019)
Patricia Hatzis Member (6/30/2018)
Karen Farrell Member (6/30/2018)
Patricia Streeter Member (6/30/2019)