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Since July, the Planning Board has been working on the second phase of the Zoning Bylaw overhaul project. Whereas the first phase focussed on commercial and industrial development, the second phase focuses on residential development. The Board is proposing nine (9) zoning amendments covering such topics as:

  • Adding new definitions and revising existing definitions.
  • Revising how new lots are laid out.
  • Establishing new setback standards for accessory structures.
  • Moving the language regarding the conversion of single-family homes into multi-family homes out of the Table of Uses and into its own section within the Bylaw.
  • Moving the temporary residential structure language out of the Table of Uses and into its own section within the Bylaw.
  • Adding a buffer requirement between industrially zoned parcels and residential parcels.
  • Moving the accessory home occupation language out of the Table of Uses into its own section within the Bylaw and adding some performance standards.
  • Revising the Accessory Dwelling Unit section of the Bylaw.
  • Revising the Bylaw's Table of Uses.

You can read through the proposed changes by clicking on the links below.

Zoning Amendments for May 2017 Town Meeting - Part I

Zoning Amendments for May 2017 Town Meeting - Part II

These amendments will be brought before the voters at the Annual Town Meeting in May. 

Westminster Planning Board


Duties and Responsibilities

The Town Planner assists the Planning Board with its review of new Subdivision Plans, Site Plans, Approval Not Required (ANR) Plans, and those Special Permits under the Board's jurisdiction. The Planner is also responsible for preparing and maintaining the Town's Community Master Plan, and coordinating economic development activities. The Planner also assists the Open Space Committee with the updating and maintenance of the Town's Open Space & Recreation Plan.

The Town Planner helps the Planning Board with the administration of its caseload, prepares grant applications on behalf of all municipal departments/boards/committees, engages in long-range planning studies, represents the Town in State and regional planning initiatives, and works on special projects assigned by the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Stephen Wallace Town Planner (978) 874-7414