2018 Backyard Growing Series - Growing Herbs for Culinary, Medicinal and Ornamental Use


Tuesday, February 20:  Growing Herbs for Culinary, Medicinal and Ornamental Use

Herbs provide the piquant edges to every meal… Think of basil, parsley, chives, rosemary, sage, thyme (there is a song after all!!!)…but there is so much more Lynn Hartman from Hartman’s Herb Farm in Barre, Ma has spent the last 40 plus years learning the ins and outs of growing and working with all kinds of herbs.  Come and find out how to add herbs to your garden, your medicine cabinet and your kitchen.

Additional topics in the Backyard Growing series:

March 13, Rachel Sherer of Little White Goat Dairy will talk about Making Basic Cheeses. 

April 17, ML Altobelli of Woody End Farm will talk about Building and Using Hugelkulture (HK) Beds for Drought and Flood Management. 

 April 25, Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association will be talking about Increasing Quality in the Food Supply.

For more information on this series, please contact ML Altobelli at altobelliml260@comcast.net and put BYG in the subject line.