Submit Your Photos for the 2017 Annual Town Report!


Hello everyone!!

We are in the process of putting together the 2017 Annual Town Report for Westminster and figured what better way to get pictures from around town than to ask the residents!

If you've got any pictures you have from 2017 that you don't mind sharing, please email them to me at 

The pictures don't need to be a specific event (but if it is, that's great too!) some ideas include but are certainly not limited to: town benefit day, farmers markets/farms, parades, beach days at Crocker Pond, Wachusett Mountain, wildlife around town, beautiful scenery, the possibilities are endless as long as it's in Westminster and happened in 2017! 

Anything anyone can offer is so greatly appreciated; I really would like to fill this year's report with as many pictures of our community as possible.

Please list a name for photo credit with each picture, and a brief explanation as well, if you'd like. Also feel free to forward this message to anyone you know that might not be on our mailing list.

***Thanks to everyone's generous submissions last year, the 2016 Annual Town Report for Westminster was awarded First Place in our category (!!!) by the Massachusetts Municipal Association***

Annual Town Reports from previous years can be viewed here.