Soliciting in Westminster


Whenever used in the written bylaw, includes all activities outlined in the permit required section of this chapter.[1] Editor's Note: See § 141-2, Permit required.

§ 141-2Permit required.

No person, firm or corporation shall canvass, solicit, distribute circulars or other matter or call from house to house in the Town of Westminster to sell, promote the sale of or attempt to sell goods by sample or to take or attempt to take orders for the future delivery of goods, merchandise, wares or any property, personal or real, of any nature whatsoever, or take or attempt to take orders for services to be furnished or performed presently or in the future or collect or attempt to collect contributions for any purpose without first having obtained a written permit from the Chief of Police of the Town of Westminster.

§ 141-3Exemptions.

A. Any person, firm or corporation soliciting or canvassing on behalf of a bona fide religious, charitable or political organization shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter, except for the hours of solicitation and the requirements hereinafter provided in § 141-13, below.

B. Any person, firm or corporation delivering goods or performing services which have previously been ordered by the person owning, leasing or occupying the property where such delivery is made or service performed shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter.

C. Any person, firm or corporation calling upon or soliciting from commercial establishments located in the Town of Westminster shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter.

D. Any minor employed by a newspaper as a carrier, or who has been previously registered with the Chief of Police by employing newspaper, shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter.


§ 141-4Applications.

A. Any person seeking a permit to engage in any activity set forth in § 141-2, except those exempt under § 141-3, shall file an application with the Chief of Police on a form issued by him no less than seven working days prior to the request start date for such canvassing or solicitation.

B. The application form shall require the following information:

(1) The name of the applicant.

(2) The address of the applicant (local and permanent address).

(3) The applicant's date of birth.

(4) The applicant's height, weight, eye and hair color.

(5) The applicant's social security number.

(6) The length of time for which the right to do business is desired.

(7)  A brief description of the nature of the business and the goods to be sold.

(8)  The name and home office address of the applicant's employer; if self-employed, it shall so state.  

(9) If operating a motor vehicle, the year, make, color, model, registration number, registered state, vehicle owner and address.

(10)  Whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime or offense or violation of any bylaw relating to canvassing or soliciting and, if so, when, where and the nature of the offense.

(11)  The names of other municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts where the applicant has been issued a permit to solicit in the past two years.

C. All applicants under this section shall be fingerprinted and photographed by the Westminster Chief of Police.

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