Westminster Public Safety Building

Information about the Westminster Public Safety Building

The Westminster Public Safety Building was last updated in 1995. The police department and fire department have out grown our facilities and our current infrustractor is in need of very costly replacement and major updating. We know that residents are concerned about the cost of building a new building. Though, sometimes building new is a less expensive option then repairing and replacing in an aging facility.  Please take a few minutes to watch our Westminster Public Safety Building Tour (Click Here)  to gain some insight into some of the issues with our facility.  For a more indepth look please read the Public Safety Facility Assessment (Click Here) which was done in march 2019.

The town has created a Public Safety Building Committee to study the needs of public safety in town and identfiy where the builiding(s) should be located.  Information about the Public Safety Building Committee is available here on the Town of Westminster website.

Westminster Public Safety Building


The Public Safety Building Commitee has identfied Hagar Park as the propsed site of the new public safety building and will be moving into the next stage of preplanning.

Conceptual Plan for Hagar Park

As a result of the Public Safety Building Committe's task of site selection. A report was complied to identfiy several properties and rank them banked on several factors. Please click the link below, if you would like to review the Westminster Public Safety Building Site Selection report.

Proposed Front of WPD

WPD Proposed Layout