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Engine 1

32-E1 1999 KME 1250gpm Pump, 1000 gal. tank, with built-in Class B Foam
Engine 232-E2 2001 KME 1250gpm Pump, 2500 gal. tank with built in Class A Foam
Engine 332-E3 2014 KME Rescue/Pumper 1500 gpm Pump, 1000 gal. tank
Engine 532-E5 2007 Ford F-550 CET Mini CAFS Pumper, 300 gal. water tank with built in Class A Foam
Tower 132-T1 2005 KME 95ft Tower-Ladder, 1500gpm Pump, 300 gal. tank
Ambulance 132-A1 2007 Ford/Horton Ambulance, Class III Ambulance
Ambulance 232-A2 2012 Chevy/Braun Ambulance, Class III Ambulance
Hovercraft32-H1 3-Seater Hovercraft used for Water/Ice Rescue
Boat32-B1 12' Aluminum Boat
Car 1Chief's Car 2016 Ford Explorer 4x4
Car 2Duty Officer 2013 Chevy Tahoe 4x4
Car 3Fire Prevention 2013 Chevy pickup 4x4