Restoration of "Always Ready"

Always Ready
1849 Hunneman

The Always Ready was purchased by the Town of Westminster in December, 1849 to protect the mills and homes in the "Narrows" area of town. It later moved to South and Spruce Street to protect those areas before finally serving out of the station on Main Street.

The Always Ready was manufactured by The Wm. Hunneman Co. of Boston, and is #376 out of 716 engines produced by the company. Mr. Hunneman apprenticed under Paul Revere before starting his fire engine business and much of the copper used in its manufacture came from the Revere factory.

The Always Ready was in service to the Town up to the early 1900's when it was replaced by the Town's first motorized engine, a Model T.

The hand tub remained in Westminster and was used for many years at Fireman's Musters competing with similar hand tubs from throughout the area.

In 2006, The Always Ready was completely restored to original condition as can be seen today.

It is proudly owned by the members of the Westminster Firefighters' Association.

Always Ready in storage with hand brakes removed

Always Ready in storage

This is the finished product